Events and Programmes in Auckland

Saturday 20 Oct 2012, 12:00pm - 7:00pm  
North Shore Events Centre, Auckland

Performers Parade
Cendrawasih Dance of Bali by Blitar Rose Dancers from Jakarta, Indonesia
Opening ceremony
Topeng Dance (Mask Dance) by West Java Dancers, Indonesia
Tari Njot-Njotan (Betawi Dance) by Blitar Rose Dancers
Film Screening :Garuda di Dadaku (G), 2009, 96 minutes, Drama, Children's
2nd Floor
How to Play Angklung: Interactive. Angklungs  will be given away
Door Prizes
Tari Piring (West Sumatran Dance) by Blitar Rose Dancers
Sasando: A traditional music by Charline Tiara Pingak  from East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
Tari Saman (Aceh Dance) by Blitar Rose Dancers
Tari Jaipongan by West Java Dancers
Workshop for Sajojo and Poco-poco Dance by Blitar Rose Dance
A Glimpse of Indonesia
Film Screening :Rumah Tanpa Jendela (PG), 2011, 100 minutes, Drama/Musical, Children's
2nd Floor
Topeng Dance (Mask Dance) by Dancers from West Java, Indonesia
Tari Njot-Njotan (Betawi Dance) by Blitar Rose Dancers
How to Play Angklung: Interactive.

Angklungs  will be given away
Tari Piring (West Sumatran Dance) by Blitar Rose Dancers
Sasando: A traditional music by Charline Tiara Pingak  from East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia 
Tari Saman (Aceh Dance) by Blitar Rose Dancers
Tari Jaipongan by West Java Dancers 
Workshop for Sajojo and Poco-poco Dance
Curtain Call for All Performers

What to See
Indonesia has an exotic mix of fascinating cultures. Its diversity ranges from traditional dances to modern music, changing from island to island and from region to region. Enjoy the following traditional dance performances:

Tari Merak - dance depicting peacocks from West Java
Tari Piring - saucer dance from West Sumatera
Tari Njot-Njotan - dynamic rhythm dance from Jakarta
Tari Saman - thousand hands dance from Aceh
Tari Kipas - relaxing fan dance from South Sulawesi
Tari Cendrawasih - Balinese dance depicting a bird of paradise
Jaipongan - popular classical dance from West Java


We also have something for movie-goers; we have two special Indonesian films to be screened for this event. Garuda di Dadaku (Garuda on my Chest) and Rumah Tanpa Jendela (The House without Windows) will be screened at 1pm and 4 pm respectively.

What to Do

Tired of being a bystander and keen to be a part of the act? We’ve got it covered! There will be a segment on playing Angklung, a traditional bamboo musical instrument. Hundreds of Angklung will be given away to each one of you to try and bring home as a souvenir.

Feeling artsy? Wanting to channel your inner artist? Join us in experiencing the making of Batik. Our batik instructor will give you a piece of cloth; you choose the design and paint it with the canting (batik painting tool) provided. And the best part of it; you can take home your DIY batik as a souvenir!

Are you also looking for exotic hand-made handicrafts to give a face-lift to your interior? Or perhaps some cool ready-to-wear batik for the summer? We have them for sale at bargain prices!

The Indonesian Fair will also have tourism booths offering various travel packages for any budget range. Just approach one of our friendly booth attendants and you will be one step closer to your holiday spot in Indonesia!

What’s more, the trade booths will not only sell you things, they are also open for business deals! As part of the Fair, there will be an investment business forum and business matching as an opportunity to set up business links between New Zealand and Indonesian businesses. The investment business forum and the business matching will take place on Friday 19 October 2012 at the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, 100 Mayoral Drive, Auckland. Please contact or for further information related to trade.

What to Eat

Throughout its ancient history, Indonesia has been involved in international trade due to its location and natural resources. Additionally, Indonesia’s indigenous food-making techniques and ingredients were influenced by India, the Middle East, China, Spain, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Here at the Indonesian Fair you will find many Indonesian cuisines ready to tickle your taste buds. Here are some tasty foods you will find there:

Mie Bakso: savoury beefball noodle soup
Pempek: fish and tapioca cakes from Palembang
Batagor: deep-fried dim sum served with peanut sauce
Gudeg: sweet jackfruit stew. The signature of the royal city of Yogyakarta.
Es Teler: literally “drunken ice”, is a fruit mocktail
Nasi Padang: various Sumatran spicy dishes cooked in curry sauce with succulent coconut milk
And many more..

See you there!
Sampai jumpa!